I dreamed to design the next BMW.

I wanted to design cars, yeah, that was honestly all I could think about when I was 12. Even thought about moving to Pforzheim once I get 18.

You change as a teenager, I filmed action stuff, got a drone, all that stuff and became this video guy. Filmed my first commercial projects with 18. Really early I found my strength. Now it was time to look for weaknesses. Beside the video projects I worked as a graphic design freelancer and to be honest … It wasn’t the best. I was looking at all this video projects with nice graphic design and typography, but wasn’t able to reproduce stuff like this in an equal level of quality.

I was told FH Düsseldorf is the place to be if you wanna focus on type. I didn’t wanted to focus on type, just my video stuff where everybody complimented me, but I had to. It is not my weakness anymore, but trust me I am working on it so it become my strength.

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