Qunomedical In October 2019, I start as a Communications Associate at Quno, initially focusing only on brand research and gaining experience with clients on the phone to better understand the target audience. Around the newly created typeface, Qunovetica, built the final design of the new brand records. At the end of December until mid-March I support the performance team with new performance assets on a weekly basis. In April I start to build new templates to optimize processes in the future.

Project A 2017 I start as an intern at Project A in the communication team. Hands-on-working style – Directly in the 2nd week we filmed as a 3 man crew at the Nürburgring for Catawiki and as an intern I was able to edit the first episode completely on my own and coordinate it with the client. Share Knowledge – Project A Story – We opened the annual knowledge sharing event to the public and I developed an opening video in collaboration with the design team. Venture Success First – During my last semester and B.A. I continued to underwrite portfolio companies like Loopline Systems and Homeday. Change is good – So I chose Knowledge Conference 2020 as my final project where I worked with the design team and marketing team to produce performance marketing assets to reach the targeted number of applicants and pitched in at the location from sticking posters to live streaming and coordinating the video crew.

PBSA | HS Düsseldorf In 2015 I started at HS Düsseldorf. Besides my strength in video I gathered expertise in typography, advertising and print projects. After the introduction to typography, I experiment a lot on the side and was able to leave a piece in the home for the Heimatverein Halbvoll with the zeche. My interest in advertising intensified when I successfully participated in the GWA jr. Agency Award. I used the last semester to work on different brand concepts and worked on another project to represent our university in Berlin at the Zebra Festival together with fellow students. My thesis was dedicated to the problem that many clients order a single video that is not adapted to today’s range of digital media. After the theory I produced a story for Opinary that is adapted to different media.

Self-employed 2015 I started working as a freelancer first with small print and website projects. With the video from Sylt and private projects I could acquire more video projects like the promotion for Clear Eyes or Body Perfect.